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What appears to be an ordinary single-family residence on Euclid Boulevard in West Asheville is actually one of three family care homes for mentally ill adults that the company formerly known as Nutz R Us operates in Buncombe County. This facility was known as Haywood Heights Family Care Home, which is now also the name of the parent company. Frank Taylor / Carolina Public Press
July 20, 2016, No comments

Company running three family care homes for mentally ill adults changes its name. But new evidence points to bragging online about mistreatment of residents.

White Fawn Family Care Home, which serves mentally ill adults in Asheville, is owned by a company that incorporated itself as Nutz R Us. Frank Taylor / CPP

Mentally ill sent to Nutz R Us despite name, bad inspections

June 23, 2016, 1 Comment

State officials can't do anything about offensive name. Private guardianship company OK with service despite name. Inspections find bugs, filth, disre ...

Librarian Zoe Rhine says the album is a goldmine of local history. Jon Elliston/CPP

Top 10 stories of 2015

December 30, 2015, Comments Off on Top 10 stories of 2015

Carolina Public Press looks back at the biggest readership stories of the year