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Welcome to Carolina Public Press. We’re glad you’ve found your way to our website, the only nonprofit media project dedicated to producing high-quality, well-researched news and information about the overlooked or under-reported people, places and issues important to our region, the 17 westernmost counties of North Carolina.

We know that as newsrooms shrink and revenue stresses continue to dismantle traditional print journalism, online media is stepping up. The Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism’s State of the Media 2010 found that six in 10 Americans get some news online in a typical day.

Today, our region is flush with news that goes largely ignored, with only three daily newspapers serving the mountains. Of the two dozen or so news publications in print, most are weekly community newspapers that concentrate on local news.

We need them. But there is also a demand for Carolina Public Press.

Public interest reporting isn’t a luxury. We believe you want non-partisan, fair and balanced journalism, the kind that holds government officials and others in positions of power accountable to the citizens and communities they serve. We’re here to delve deep into issues ranging from the environment to the economy, housing to healthcare. We’re here to produce and publish stories that are more than soundbites, journalism with more than routine quotes and articles that are more than unmodified press releases.

That’s the mission of Asheville-based Carolina Public Press. We will not advocate for a specific cause or a particular action. What we will do is share essential information an active and informed community needs and a working democracy depends upon.

Here’s what you’ll find:

We’re also dedicated to a robust and active social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. And because we’re a nonprofit, and have the support of generous foundation, individual, organization and business donors, we can offer much of our content for free republishing on news and information sites and publications.

It’s taken us years to prepare to launch Carolina Public Press – years of tinkering, researching, consulting and brainstorming. What we’ve developed is this: a not-for-profit media project, sponsored by the award-winning Institute for Southern Studies, that is devoted to regional news based on the high expectation that our efforts will matter to you and our community. We’re a throwback to an old style of journalism embracing and wrapped in a new mode of communication. And we’re the only nonprofit regional news website in the region today.

Thank you for reading, thinking, viewing, commenting, acting. Let us know what you think and how you can help. Welcome again to Carolina Public Press.

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Angie Newsome is the executive director and editor of Carolina Public Press. Contact her at (828) 774-5290 or e-mail her at

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  1. Best of luck on this project. WNC has needed a good solid news source for years. I live in Madison County and our local paper generally offers only “Scandal Sheet” police reports, complete with mugshots. Although I get info on local events and who doesn’t like to see a sweet potato that looks like George Bush, I look forward to reading well written and well researched journalism. So good luck and best wishes from “Bloody Madison”