Poll distance marker at the C.C. Spaulding Elementary School in Durham, a polling location for Durham County’s municipal and primary election. Photo: Mehr Sher / Carolina Public Press

We would like to address inaccuracies that appeared in our recent analysis, “New election laws in North Carolina: What voters need to know about SB 749’s and SB 747’s effects on the ballot box,” published on Oct. 24. The story investigated two new laws that make changes to election boards and voting rules. The story inaccurately described some of the voting provisions.

The law does not eliminate same-day registration, nor does it alter the current early voting period leading up to Election Day. 

Additionally, our story did not specify that the signature-matching provision is part of a pilot program limited to certain counties, nor did it explore how this aspect could impact ballot validity.

Further, the story should have stated that the three-day grace period for mail-in ballots is eliminated under the new voting law. 

It also should have cited the most recent voter turnout data from the 2022 general election, not the 2022 primary.

Finally, a former N.C. Republican Party executive director was misidentified as formerly directing the Republican Party.

The editorial team at Carolina Public Press deeply regrets these oversights. Recognizing the critical nature of delivering accurate voting information, we have removed the analysis from our website as of Oct. 24, the same day it was published. It has been archived for internal review.

We are actively reassessing our editorial processes and will continue to scrutinize this article for any other elements that may necessitate further clarification or correction. 

Thank you for your understanding, and we are committed to maintaining the integrity and accuracy that our readers expect from Carolina Public Press.

Please direct any questions to news@carolinapublicpress.org.

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