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New N.C. state budget guts many teaching programs

The Macon County News reports that the new North Carolina budget will either gut or outright eliminate a number of teaching programs in the state, including the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program, slated for a phase-out beginning in 2012; the North Carolina Teacher Cadet Program, which is eliminated; the North Carolina Teacher Academy, which is eliminated; and the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, for which funding was cut in half.

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Redistricting proposal up for debate at Thursday hearing; residents can go to 3 locations in WNC to offer comment

Residents can go to locations in Asheville, Cullowhee and Boone to offer oral comments on a proposal to change the districts in which voters cast their ballots. Options for input also include submitting comments online and by mail. The proposal could change who eventually gets elected, what laws are passed and which projects get funded.