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Old growth and Joyce Kilmer: A photo essay from one of North Carolina’s most famous tracts of old-growth forest

Arguably one of the most well-known tracts of old growth forest in Western North Carolina, Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness, in Graham County, draws some 40,000 visitors each year. The forest, dedicated to Joyce Kilmer in 1936, celebrates the 75th anniversary of its dedication this year. But pests like the woolly adelgid are changing the forest. So is dynamite.

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Joyce Kilmer’s famous forest turns 75, even as the quick death of area hemlocks surprises scientists, others

Majestic groves of huge, old trees evoke reverence, affection and poetry. The memorial forest dedicated to Joyce Kilmer, one of the most famous stands of old growth in North Carolina, turns 75 this year. But scientists and others say the decline of hemlocks is quicker than first thought — and their death comes at a cost.

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Press release: REI grant supports employees working with WNCA to build campsites on French Broad River Paddle Trail

Paddling for more than one day along the French Broad River currently is difficult because the river is dominated by private land and public camping is rare. When it’s completed, the French River Paddle Trail will be a combination of public and private land, strategically located between the few existing public campsites.