The Founding 50 is the group of Carolina Public Press’ first donors to make a significant tax-deductible contribution* to support the region’s only nonprofit media project dedicated to nonpartisan and original in-depth, investigative, independent journalism for and about Western North Carolina. Thank you to these founding members!


Pat Hunt and Angie Newsome


Claude William and Ellen Gaddy
Terry Van Duyn


Thomas Fiedler
Vernon and Ann Hunt


Laura Gordon
David Hurand
Rep. Charles McGrady
Jill and Roger Whitson


Ernie Boyd
Kathleen O. and Jeff Davis
Scott Dedman
Sandy Feutz and Brian Repass
Jeff Fobes
Vicki Heidinger
Melody Komyerov
Joe and Lisa Quinlan
Allen Shaklan
Frank Stasio
Julie Stewart
Elly Wells


Sheryl Aikman
Eleanor Ashton
Justin Belleme
Linda Biggers
Andrea and David Block
Wally Bowen
Bill Brackney
Gregory Brown
Nancy Curtis
Victor Dossey
Jody Evans
Joy Franklin
Mark Goldstein
Lael Gray
Stacy Gray
Calvin Hall
Michael and Sandra Krecioch
Beth Maczka
Heather Nelson
Terry O’Keefe
Rich Olejniczak
Jayne Spring
Melinda Stuart
Jude Stuecker
David Sweatt
Tracey Tilson
Michael Trayford
Troy Winterrowd

*Membership in The Founding 50 is for the first group of 50 donors to give a tax-deductible gift of $50 or more to Carolina Public Press.

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  1. Congratulations! Your news coverage is so needed in WNC! I’m on the Asheville Natural Wellness leadership team as Collaborative Care Manager (Holistic, Integrative Healthcare), and look forward to working with you!