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Reader photo by Melinda Young Stuart.

Reader Melinda Young Stuart, of Barnardsville, N.C., took this photo, “Back to School for Adults,” of a view from the Reuter Center, on the campus of the UNC Asheville, on Aug. 13. It shows just a few of the hundreds of people who lined up that day to register for classes with the College for Seniors, a program of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

Photographer’s notebook:

I’m fond of this vantage point in the Reuter Center at UNC Asheville and have posted several images featuring these indoor umbrellas. Note that while the Reuter Center’s great two-story wall of glass, facing more or less west, admits wonderful light to the building, it poses a terrific heat and glare problem for people inside, thus the indoor umbrellas.

We see here the tail end of the line for registration for classes—some 90 this semester—ranging from yoga to the history of Mexico to personal finance. This teaching program for mature adults is known as the College for Seniors and it exists within the Osher Lifelong Learning Center, affiliated with others throughout the United States. Teachers are also members, and anyone is welcome to propose a course here. Selection of what to offer is made by member committee.

This day, the line began forming around 6 a.m. for an 8 a.m. opening hour, to give you some idea of the popularity of the College for Seniors among nearly 2,000 members. Registration is also accepted by mail. But those wanting to be sure to get their choice of course come in person, or get a friend to do so. Staff processed 962 registrations that day, and, with more submitted by mail, the final number signed up was more than 1,000. The demand for lifelong learning among the “over 55” is terrific in Asheville and vicinity!

I was there as an observer this day. Myself, I’m teaching an 8-week “Museums in American Life” course. I toned the color a bit in Mac’s iPhoto editing program, uploaded the image to Flickr, and then added an edge effect using Flickr’s new free program Aviary. Photo data: Taken on an Olympus FE190; aperture: f3.1; shutter speed: 1/60.

Editor’s note:

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