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Wave of rural nursing home closures grows amid staffing crunch

The problem could deepen as pandemic-era government assistance dries up and care facilities struggle to compete with rising wages offered by other employers, industry leaders and analysts predict. Many care centers that have managed to remain open are keeping some beds vacant because they don’t have enough workers to responsibly care for more residents.

Reporting on ARPA

Journalists and engaged community members gathered virtually on Thursday, Jan. 26 for an hourlong review of the incisive and community-focused reporting that Carolina Public Press undertook during 2022. The recording of the event…

The uncertain future of old-growth forests

Old-growth forests are essential  tools in the fight against climate change, but some want to harvest them.

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The uncertain future of old-growth forests in North Carolina

This four-part series focusing on the Southside Project, a recent initiative by the U.S. Forest Service, to make the national forest more resilient and sustainable. 

Dodging Standards

Social services in NC may be in the hands of people who don’t meet minimum qualifications.
Why and how it happens, and how other states avoid the problem.

Changing Tides

How climate change affects North Carolina’s fisheries
and the people who rely on them for a living.

Finding Nurses

The importance of sexual assault nurse examiners
and the difficulty of locating them in North Carolina

Seeking Conviction

Justice elusive for NC sexual assault survivors

Fraught Forests

Climate change is causing erratic weather events and altering ecosystems in the forests of Western North Carolina’s mountains.
What these changes mean and the challenges they pose for managing the forests.

Raising Jails

How and why North Carolina counties decide to build
or expand jails, the costs of those decisions
and possible alternatives.

Patchwork Protection

Inconsistency and inequity in child welfare policies across NC

What ails NC prisons?

Struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic in state’s prison system

Questionable Care

Is one of North Carolina’s main systems
for housing those with mental illness failing?

 ‘We are not thought of’: The true impact of Western North Carolina’s maternal desert on rural women

This story is a collaboration between Carolina Public Press and The Daily Yonder. The Daily Yonder provides news, commentary and analysis about and for rural America. By: Shelby Harris and Sarah Melotte  As her husband drove through Western North Carolina’s winding mountain roads in December 2018, Katlyn Moss repeated instructions to him in case something…

Old growth forest on Brushy Mountain in Nantahala National Forest. Photo: Jack Igelman / Carolina Public Press

The uncertain future of old-growth forests in North Carolina, part one

The recent decision to harvest 26 acres that encompass an old-growth patch of forest on a 3,500-foot mountaintop – the Southside Project – underscores what some say is the widening incongruity between the U.S. Forest Service’s mission, climate change crisis and the public’s will.

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