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The voices of NC veterans

The concerns of the veterans we interviewed at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6018 in Fayetteville aligned with many other voters. The issues included abortion, inflation and preserving democracy.

NC Connection:
Closing the News Gap

A special CPP research project on the news needs of rural North Carolinians


The uncertain future of old-growth forests in North Carolina

This four-part series focusing on the Southside Project, a recent initiative by the U.S. Forest Service, to make the national forest more resilient and sustainable. 

Dodging Standards

Social services in NC may be in the hands of people who don’t meet minimum qualifications.
Why and how it happens, and how other states avoid the problem.

Changing Tides

How climate change affects North Carolina’s fisheries
and the people who rely on them for a living.

Finding Nurses

The importance of sexual assault nurse examiners
and the difficulty of locating them in North Carolina

Seeking Conviction

Justice elusive for NC sexual assault survivors

Fraught Forests

Climate change is causing erratic weather events and altering ecosystems in the forests of Western North Carolina’s mountains.
What these changes mean and the challenges they pose for managing the forests.

Raising Jails

How and why North Carolina counties decide to build
or expand jails, the costs of those decisions
and possible alternatives.

Patchwork Protection

Inconsistency and inequity in child welfare policies across NC

What ails NC prisons?

Struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic in state’s prison system

Questionable Care

Is one of North Carolina’s main systems
for housing those with mental illness failing?

Crime & Justice

A miscarriage of justice, a life in prison

Under current sentencing laws, Bobby Norfleet would have been released from prison decades ago. Instead, he’s spent most of his life behind bars. There are hundreds of people in prison just like him.





Politics & Government

North Carolina advocates share blueprint for a stronger democracy

“Blueprint for a Stronger Democracy,” a report released in February by the Institute for Southern Studies and N.C. Voters for Clean Elections, lays out a path to make North Carolina a national leader in voter access and election administration. But many of its ideas face challenges in the state’s current political environment.