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Faces of Hunger

Grappling with food insecurity in rural North Carolina

Seeking Conviction

Justice elusive for NC sexual assault survivors


Investigating conditions at North Carolina jails

Forest Lookouts

What’s the future of North Carolina’s
national forests

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The Kicker, Show 52 | NC first-hand voting accounts

On this week’s Kicker, host Stephanie Carson talks with a series of voters from across the state who voted early or by absentee ballot. The Kicker from Carolina Public Press · The Kicker, Show 52 | NC Voter First Hand Accounts Continue to follow our latest election 2020 coverage by clicking HERE. Carolina Public Press […]


NC Gov. Cooper outruns Forest

Governor wins with comfortable edge as Forest fades. Parties to split other council of state races, with Attorney General Josh Stein a narrow winner.

Crime & Justice





Politics & Government

Election is over in NC, well, not quite

Outstanding provisional ballots in one county, protests, possible protest appeals and likely recount leave one statewide race uncertain and more work for elections staffs before they can certify all results and update voter history.