Press release from the N.C. Forest Service, shared Oct. 28.

CEDAR MOUNTAIN – DuPont State Recreational Forest will conduct a timber harvest on 46 acres at Guion Farm starting around Nov. 1.

The start date for the work is dependent on the weather, but visitors to the forest need to be aware that there will be some periodic trail closures as well as forestry equipment in the woods.

“The harvest is in alignment with DuPont’s Land Resource Management Plan,” said Michael Sweat, DuPont management forester. “This harvest has been in the planning stages for a while and will not only improve the health of the forest but will address some safety concerns in this area as well.”

Sweat said some white pines are declining in the section of forest where the harvest is planned. A bike path winds through this section, and removing the pines will help to increase safety in the area, he said.

The harvested area also will be used to educate the public by demonstrating several regeneration methods used in forestry, including some natural regeneration and the planting of shortleaf pine. The natural regeneration of a forest occurs when seed, sprouts or root suckers of trees grow back and replace harvested trees.

“The purpose of the planting is to create a mixed stand of shortleaf and hardwood, which will create structural diversity as well as species diversity in a mature white pine plantation,” said Jason Guidry, DuPont Forest supervisor.

The revenue from the timber harvest has been incorporated into the forest’s proposed budget to help pay for operating expenses, Guidry said.

Visitors to DuPont should log on to or the N.C. Forest Service Facebook page at, email, or call 828-877-6527 for more information about trail closures. DuPont staff also will be updating kiosks within the forest as harvest continues.

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