NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin

Press release from the N.C. Department of Insurance, shared Nov. 15:

Goodwin calls on insurers to not cancel health plans

RALEIGH — Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin on Friday announced efforts to prevent health insurance plans from being terminated in North Carolina.

More than 473,000 people in the state have received notice from their insurance companies that their plans are being terminated because they do not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

On Thursday, President Obama announced a policy allowing insurers to offer policyholders whose health insurance coverage would otherwise be terminated the opportunity to keep their current plan for another year.

Due to concerns that people will lose their plan and not be able to purchase coverage through the federal health exchange at in a timely manner, Goodwin is allowing for an expedited review process at the Department of Insurance so that insurers can quickly establish 2014 rates and begin offering the plans that were going to be cancelled to current policyholders.

“I’m calling on our health insurers to take advantage of this opportunity, and I’ve directed my staff to do what is necessary to make sure that insurers can allow their policyholders to keep their plan for another year,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin recommends that North Carolinians take the time to shop around and compare the costs and benefits of all health insurance plans available. People can compare coverage and find out if they are eligible for federal subsidies on the federal exchange website Those who are not eligible for a subsidy can purchase coverage through the federal exchange or from insurance companies offering coverage outside the exchange.

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