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WNC Transportation is a new and permanent feature from Carolina Public Press offering road, public transportation, sidewalk, bike and greenway information for each of the 18 westernmost counties of North Carolina. It also includes information on road and highway planning organizations — the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs) — for your county.

This resource list for McDowell County will be updated periodically. Have a question, suggestion or update to this resource list? Please contact us at info@carolinapublicpress.org.

Public Transit

McDowell County only provides transportation for Medicaid recipients traveling for medical appointments.

Margo Monigle, transportation coordinator
Phone: 828-659-0634

Road Repairs

If the road is managed or owned by the state of North Carolina, call the N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) at 828-652-4024.

If the street is owned by the town of Marion, call Marion’s public works department at 828-652-4224.

If the road is owned by the town of Old Fort, call Old Fort’s maintenance department at 828-668-2093.

Road and Highway Planning

Isothermal Rural Planning Organization is the authority in planning transportation for McDowell County. Call Karyl Fuller at 828-287-2281 or email her at kfuller@regionc.org to see how you can get involved.

The NCDOT Division 13 is also involved with the planning and development of transportation projects in McDowell County.

Tim Anderson, project engineer
Phone: 828-652-3344
Email: twanderson@ncdot.gov


McDowell County Recreation Department
Phone: 828-652-3001
Email: sue.huskins@mcdowellgov.com

McDowell County is currently developing greenway loops near the Corpening YMCA facility.

Chase Erickson

Chase Erickson was the summer 2014 intern at Carolina Public Press.

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