Editor’s note: Congressional districts and primaries have been affected by a federal court ruling and legislative action in February 2016. Other primaries described below are unaffected. For more on Congress, read here.

The filing window for 2016 candidates in North Carolina primary elections closed at noon Monday, locking in the fields for the political races in the coming year.

The stage is set for some dramatic contests at each level. A few highlights:

  • Two Democrats and two Republicans are competing for the chance to replace Roy Cooper as North Carolina attorney general as he focuses on trying to unseat Gov. Pat McCrory. But Cooper will have to get past two other Democratic challengers in the governor race first. McCrory will face two opponent from within his own party primary as well.  A Libertarian candidate is also contending to be governor.
  • With the late withdrawal of State Sen. Dan Souzek, two Republicans and a Democrat remain in the race for the open seat representing the northern tier of Western North Carolina.
  • In Buncombe County, District 2 commissioner incumbent Mike Fryar, R-Fairview, faces challenges from four Democrats and one member of his own party.
  • In Macon County, the commission seat of Paul Higdon, R-Franklin, is being sought by two members of his own party and a Democrat.
  • In Polk County, four nonincumbents had filed for seats on the Board of Commissioners as of Friday; four more joined them before the filing window closed so make that eight running with no incumbents in the field.
  • In Jackson County, no one had filed for the District 3 seat on the Board of Education as of Friday, but three candidates, emerged in the final hours of filing.

Despite this drama, voters will have no say in some districts as potential challengers didn’t have the courage to run. Judges are among the most powerful figures in North Carolina local government. But those in most WNC districts will have no opponents on the ballot in 2016. Several WNC legislative seats and many local races also feature unopposed incumbents.

North Carolina primary elections are set for Tuesday, March 15, 2016. The one-stop early voting period will run from March 3 to March 12.  The deadline to register to vote in the primary is Feb. 19. Voters in North Carolina must vote according to the party in which they are registered during the primary, except for unaffiliated voters who may choose any one party ballot to complete. An unaffiliated voter cannot vote for one contest on one party ballot and another contest on another party ballot.

Later in the year, an additional filing period will occur for a few local offices, including those counties whose Boards of Education are not subject to primary contests. Soil and Water Conservation Board elections will also have a filing period in late summer. The general election in November will feature the primary winners, plus those who filed for these later contests.

Although not listed here, presidential candidates will also appear on the 2016 primary ballot by party. (UPDATE: To view the list of the 27 presidential candidates who will appear on the North Carolina primary ballots for Republican, Democratic and Libertarian voters, please click here: Presidential candidates

Candidates are listed below, organized by statewide non-judicial offices, judicial offices, federal and state legislative offices and local offices. The location given with each candidate is their residence’s postal address, according to their voter registration. Candidates have been known to promote different or multiple addresses. Each candidate’s party affiliation is also listed, although in the case of nonpartisan offices, that will not appear on the ballot; nonpartisan contests are noted as such.

The form of each candidate’s name that appears is based primarily on their voter registration, but also on the alternative name they may be using on the ballot, which will appear in quotes in most cases, following the pattern of Jonathan “Jon” Q. Public.

Statewide Non-Judicial Offices


Clyde Robert Brawley Jr., R-Mooresville

Charles Kenneth Moss, R-Randleman

Kenneth “Ken” Bridgeforth Spaulding, D-Durham

Lon Vernon Cecil, L-High Point, Davidson County

Patrick “Pat” L. McCrory, R-Charlotte (incumbent)

Roy Asberry Cooper III, D-Raleigh

Lieutenant Governor

Daniel “Dan” J. Forest, R-Raleigh (incumbent)

Diana Holly Jones, D-Asheville

Joseph John “J.J.” Summerell, L-Greensboro

Linda D. Coleman, D-Knightdale

Robert Earl Wilson, D-Cary

Ronald L. Newton, D-Newton

Secretary of State

Abraham Joseph “A.J.” Daoud, R-Pilot Mountain

Elaine Folk Marshall, D-Lilington (incumbent)

Michael Salvatore LaPaglia, R-Durham

Attorney General

Eldon “Buck” Sharpe Newton III, R-Wilson

James “Jim” Roderick O’Neill, R-Winston-Salem

Joshua “Josh” H. Stein, D-Raleigh

Marcus Whittman Williams, D-Lumberton


Beth A. Wood, D-Raleigh (incumbent)

Charles “Chuck” W. Stuber Jr., R-Raleigh

Commissioner of Agriculture

Andrew “Andy” John Stevens, R-Greensboro

Steven “Steve” Wayne Troxler, R-Browns Summit (incumbent)

Walter Graham Smith Jr., D-Yadkinville

Commissioner of Insurance

Joseph “Joe” Robert McLaughlin, R-Jacksonville

John Michael “Mike” Causey, R-Greensboro

Ronald “Ron” Leonard Pierce, R-Charlotte

George Wayne Goodwin, D-Raleigh (incumbent)

Commissioner of Labor

Charles C. Meeker, D-Raleigh

Cherie Killian Berry, R-Newton (incumbent)

Mazie Butler Ferguson, D-Greensboro

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Henry Junior Pankey, D-Durham

Joel Wesley Sills, R-Dunn

June St. Clair Atkinson, D-Raleigh (incumbent)

Mark Randall Johnson Jr., R-Winston-Salem

Rosemary Stein, R-Snow Camp


Dale R. Folwell, R-Winston-Salem

Daniel “Dan” Terry Blue III, D-Raleigh

Roger Ronal “Ron” Elmer Jr., D-Cary

Judicial offices affecting WNC

Court of Appeals Judge (Dietz) (nonpartisan race)

Richard Donald Dietz, R-Winston-Salem (incumbent)

Vinston Miller Rozier Jr., D-Raleigh

Court of Appeals Judge (Hunter) (nonpartisan race)

Abraham “Abe” Penn Jones, D-Raleigh

Robert “Bob” Neal Hunter, R-Morehead City (incumbent)

Court of Appeals Judge (Stephens) (nonpartisan race)

Linda N. Stephens, D-Raleigh (incumbent)

Philip Edward Berger Jr., R-Hillsborough

Court of Appeals Judge (Zachary) (nonpartisan race)

Rickye McKoy-Mitchell, D-Charlotte

Valerie Johnson Zachary, R-Yadkinville (incumbent)

Superior Court Judge, District 24 (nonpartisan race)

Robert Gregory “Greg” Horne, R-Boone (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 24 (Eggers-Gryder) (nonpartisan race)

Joshua James “Josh” Teague, D-Boone

Rebecca “Becca” E. Eggers-Gryder, R-Boone (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 24 (Harrison) (nonpartisan race)

Hal Gene Harrison, R-Spruce Pine (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 24 (McEntire) (nonpartisan race)

Theodore “Ted” Wright McEntire, R-Spruce Pine (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 28 (Dray) (nonpartisan race)

Andrea F. Dray, D-Asheville (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 28 (Hill) (nonpartisan race)

James Calvin Hill, D-Candler (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 29B (Brittain) (nonpartisan race)

Thomas McAvoy “Mack” Brittain Jr., R-Etowah (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 29B (Brooks) (nonpartisan race)

Athena Fox Brooks, R-Horse Shoe (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 29B (Cowan) (nonpartisan race)

Emily Greene Cowan, R-Hendersonville (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 29B (Knight) (nonpartisan race)

Peter Brian Knight, R-Hendersonville (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 30 (Leslie) (nonpartisan race)

Monica Hayes Leslie, D-Waynesville (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 30 (Sellers) (nonpartisan race)

Kimberly Nannette Carpenter, D-Bryson City

Tessa Shelton Sellers,  R-Hayesville (incumbent)

District Court Judge, District 30 (Walker) (nonpartisan race)

Richard K. Walker, D-Hayesville (incumbent)

Federal and state legislative offices affecting WNC

U.S. Senate

Christia “Chris” Virdelle Rey, D-Spring Lake

Deborah K. Ross, D-Raleigh

Ernest Tyrone Reeves, D-Greenville

Gregory J. Brannon, R-Cary

Kevin Day Griffin, D-Durham

Larry Howard Holmquist, R-Greensboro

Paul Michael Wright, R-Dudley

Richard Mauze Burr, R-Winston-Salem (incumbent)

Sean Newton Haugh, L-Durham

U.S. House District 5 (Watauga and various non-WNC counties)

Joshua “Josh” Ethan Brannon, D-Vilas

Patricia “Pattie” Margaret Curran, R-Kernersville

Virginia Ann Foxx, R-Banner Elk (incumbent)

U.S. House District 10 (Polk, Rutherford, part of Buncombe and various non-WNC counties)

Albert Lee Wiley Jr., R-Atlantic Beach

Carl Andrew “Andy” Millard, D-Columbus

Patrick Timothy McHenry, R-Denver (incumbent)

U.S. House District 11 (most of WNC)

Mark Randal Meadows, R-Cashiers (incumbent)

Fredrick “Rick” E. Bryson, D-Swain

Thomas “Tom” Waddell Hill, D-Zirconia

N.C. Senate District 45 (Wautaga, Avery and various non-WNC counties)

Arthur “Art” M. Sherwood, D-Lenoir

Deanna Marie Ballard, R-Blowing Rock

Kenneth Arnold Boham, R-Lenoir

N.C. Senate District 47 (Madison, Yancey, Mitchell, Avery, McDowell and part of Rutherford)

Mary Silvers Boyd, D-Marion

Ralph Edward Hise Jr., R-Spruce Pine (incumbent)

Timothy “Tim” Richard Murphy, D-Rutherfordton

N.C. Senate District 48 (Henderson, Transylvania and part of Buncombe)

Dennis Grover Justice, R-Fletcher

Charles “Chuck” Marion Edwards, R-Flat Rock

Lisa Carpenter Baldwin, R-Fletcher

Norman Bossert, D-Pisgah Forest

N.C. Senate District 49 (part of Buncombe)

Teresa “Terry” Quaid Van Duyn, D-Asheville (incumbent)

William Cole Meredith, L-Asheville

N.C. Senate District 50 (Jackson, Swain, Macon, Graham, Clay, Cherokee, Transylvania and Haywood)

Jane Bates Hipps, D-Candler, Haywood County

James “Jim” Wayland Davis, R-Franklin (incumbent)

N.C. House District 85 (Avery, McDowell and Mitchell)

Joshua “Josh” Robert Dobson, R-Nebo (incumbent)

N.C. House District 93 (Watauga and a non-WNC county)

Jonathan Christian Jordan, R-Crumpler (incumbent)

Lewis “Lew” Bevin Hendricks, R-Boone

Ronald “Ronnie” David Marsh, D-Boone

Percilla Sue Counts, D-Boone

N.C. House District 112 (Rutherford and a non-WNC county)

Michael “Mike” Dean Hager, R-Rutherfordton (incumbent)

N.C. House District 113 (Polk, Henderson, Transylvania)

Cody Hayden Henson, R-Brevard

Coty James Ferguson, R-Brevard

Maureen Theresa Mahan Copelof, D-Brevard

N.C. House District 114 (portions of Buncombe)

Susan Carscaddon Fisher, D-Asheville (incumbent)

N.C. House District 115 (portions of Buncombe)

Frank Hannon Moretz, R-Fairview

John Curtis Ager Jr., D-Fairview (incumbent)

Robert “Bob” David Chilmonik, R-Black Mountain

N.C. House District 116 (portions of Buncombe)

Brian Mills Turner, D-Asheville (incumbent)

Kay Dannevig Olsen, R-Leicester

N.C. House District 117 (portions of Henderson)

Charles “Chuck” Worden McGrady, R-Hendersonville (incumbent)

N.C. House District 118 (portions of Haywood, Madison, Yancey)

Michele Donna Presnell, R-Burnsville (incumbent)

Reese Aulton Steen, D-Mars Hill

Rhonda Cole Schandevel, D-Canton

N.C. House District 119 (portions of Haywood, Swain, Jackson)

Aaron Lee Littlefield, R-Cullowhee

Joe Sam Queen, D-Waynesville (incumbent)

James Michael “Mike” Clampitt, R-Bryson City

N.C. House District 120 (portions of Macon, Clay, Cherokee, Graham)

Elliott John Southworth, R-Murphy

Harold Kevin Corbin, R-Franklin

Randy Darrell Hogsed, D-Andrews

County-level offices


Register of Deeds

Cynthia Renee Dellinger, R-Newland (incumbent)


John Alden Millan, R-Newland (incumbent)

County Commissioner

Drema Darlene Hicks, R-Elk Park

Glenn Roy Johnson, R-Newland

Martha Jaynes Hicks, R-Elk Park (incumbent)

Maxine Laws, R-Elk Park (incumbent)

Robert “Reo” Benjamin Griffith, R-Minneapolis (incumbent)

Samuel Timothy “Tim” Phillips, R-Newland

Wood “Woodie” Hall Young Jr., R-Newland

County School Board (nonpartisan)

John Lemuel Greene Jr., R-Newland (incumbent)

Kathey Ann Aldridge, R-Newland (incumbent)

Richard Keith Tutterow, D-Newland (incumbent)


Board of Commissioners Chair

Brownie Wayne Newman, D-Asheville (currently a District 1 commissioner)

Chad Nickloas Nesbitt, R-Leicester

Miranda Vinzant DeBruhl, R-Leicester (currently a District 3 commissioner)

County Commissioner, District 1

Gordon Dean Smith, D-Asheville

Isaac Franklin Coleman Jr., D-Asheville

Jasmine Elizabeth Beach-Ferrara, D-Asheville

County Commissioner, District 2

Jordan Scott Burchette, R-Fairview

Lawrence “Larry” F. Dodson, D-Weaverville

Matthew “Matt” Caswell Kern, D-Asheville

Michael “Mike” Vernon Fryar, R-Fairview (incumbent)

Nancy Nehls Nelson, D-Weaverville

Scott J. Bissinger, D-Fletcher, Buncombe County

County Commissioner, District 3

Edward “Ed” Craig Hay Jr., D-Asheville

Joseph “Joe” Leonard Belcher, R-Candler (incumbent)

Register of Deeds

Andrew “Drew” Mark Reisinger, D-Asheville (incumbent)

Patricia “Pat” Wilde Cothran, R-Leicester


Board of Commissioners, District II

David “CB” Franklin McKinnon, R-Marble (incumbent)

Randall “Randy” Lynn Barnett, D-Murphy

Board of Commissioners, District V

Roy Grant Dickey, R-Murphy (incumbent)

Board of Education, District I

Andrew Deluna, R-Andrews

Jeff Edward Tatham, R-Andrews

John Timothy Coffey, D-Marble (incumbent)

William Keith Wood, D-Andrews

Timothy “Tim” Brian West, R-Andrews

Board of Education, District II

Arnold Dean Matthews Jr., R-Murphy

Carlos Rafael Ramos, R-Murphy

John Jacob Worden, R-Murphy

Kerry Lyle Archer, D-Murphy


Commissioner, Countywide

Dwight Hunter Penland, R-Hayesville

Eric Lyle Hogsed, R-Warne

James “Bo” Alden Hager, R-Hayesville

Randy Nichols, R-Hayesville (incumbent)

Robert “Rob” Christopher Peck, R-Hayesville

Robert Cline Penland, R-Hayesville

Cassandra “Sandy” Zimmerman, D-Hayesville (incumbent)

School Board

Willie Daniel “Danny” Jones, R-Hayesville

Daryl Moore, R-Hayesville

Jason Troy Rhinehardt, D-Hayesville (incumbent)

Reba F. Beck, R-Hayesville


County Commissioner

Karen Connie Orr, R-Robbinsville (incumbent)

Dale E. Wiggins, R-Robbinsville

John D. Lovin, D-Robbinsville

Keith Lee Eller, R-Robbinsville (incumbent)

Joey Lynn Cody, R-Robbinsville (incumbent)

Shaun Larry Adams, R-Robbinsville

County Commissioner (unexpired)

Raymond David Williams Sr., R-Robbinsville (incumbent by appointment)

Tabitha Marie Myler, R-Robbinsville

School Board

Deborah Cooper Odom, R-Robbinsville

Eddie Lee Hollifield, D-Robbinsville

James “Jim” Lawrence Hyde, D-Robbinsville

Douglas Rodney Nelson, R-Robbinsville (incumbent)

Scharlene Wesley, D-Robbinsville

Darrell Shane Garland, D-Robbinsville

Sharon Cable Edwards, R-Robbinsville (incumbent)


County Commissioner

Brandon Cary Rogers, R-Canton

Charles Lee Boyd, D-Waynesville

Gregory Dewayne Burrell, D-Canton

Lawrence Kevin Ensley, R-Waynesville (incumbent)

Robin Greene Black, D-Canton

Stephen “Steve” Michael Brown, D-Waynesville

Terry Eugene Ramey, D-Clyde


County Commissioner, District 2

Charles “Charlie” Dwayne Messer, R-Fletcher (incumbent)

County Commissioner, District 5

Grady Harold Hawkins, R-Hendersonville (incumbent)

County School Board (nonpartisan)

Thomas Blair Craven, R-Hendersonville

Burton “Burt” Henry Harris, R-Hendersonville

Ervin W. Bazzle, U-Hendersonville (incumbent)

Jared Michael Bellmund, U-Etowah

Josh David Houston, R-Flat Rock (incumbent)

Mary Louise Johnston Corn, U-Fletcher (incumbent)

Michael Lee Absher, R-Hendersonville

Frederick “Rick” Richard Wood, D-Hendersonville (incumbent)


County Commissioner, District 4

Mark Riggs Jones, D-Cashiers (incumbent)

Boyce Michael “Mickey” Luker, R-Cullowhee

County Commissioner, District 3

Vicki Jane Greene, D-Sylva (incumbent)

Ronald “Ron” Mau, R-Cullowhee

School Board, District 1 (nonpartisan)

Elizabeth King Cooper, D-Whittier (incumbent)

School Board, District 3 (nonpartisan)

Rebecca “Becky” Bryson Hester, D-Sylva

Carol Ann Riser DeHart, R-Webster

Wesley “Wes” Adam Jamison, D-Sylva


County Commissioner, District 2

Charles “Charlie” Daniel Leatherman, D-Franklin

Karl Ellis Gillespie, R-Franklin

Ronald “Ron” Marion Haven, R-Franklin

County Commissioner, District 3

Robert “Bobby” H. Kuppers, D-Franklin

Emmanuel “Manny” W. Carrion, R-Franklin

Gregory Floyd Boyer, R-Franklin

Paul Clayton Higdon, R-Franklin (incumbent)


Board of Education, District 1 (nonpartisan)

Craig Davidson Goforth, D-Mars Hill (incumbent)

Board of Education, District 2 (nonpartisan)

Kelby Richard Cody, D-Marshall (incumbent)

County Commissioner

Matthew “Matt” Thomas Wechtel, R-Weaverville, Madison County (incumbent)

Randall “Randy” Bradford, D-Marshall

Douglas Wayne Brigman, D-Mars Hill (incumbent)

Willa Wyatt, D-Mars Hill

Register of Deeds

Susan Penland Rector, D-Marshall (incumbent)


Board of Education, Marion (nonpartisan)

Amy Sue Moomaw, U-Marion (incumbent)

David Johnson Patneaude, R-Marion

Douglas “Doug” Lee McCraw Jr., R-Marion

Michelle Lee Pupoh, R-Marion

Randy Lee Williams, D-Marion (incumbent)

Samantha Jene Parrow, U-Marion

Board of Education, North Cove

Terry Edward English, D-Marion (incumbent)

Board of Education, Old Fort (nonpartisan)

Autumn K. Grosser Robinson, R-Old Fort

Chad “Snapper” Darrin Greene, U-Old Fort

Lawrence Deon Lytle, D-Old Fort

George Patrick Ellis, R-Old Fort (incumbent)

County Commissioner

Barry Edwin McPeters, R-Marion (incumbent)

Christopher “Chris” David Allison, R-Marion

Charles Eric Adams, R-Marion

Thomas Franklin “Frank” Dean, R-Marion

Everett Lynn Greene, R-Marion

Van Randolph “Randy” Hollifield, R-Nebo (incumbent)

Thomas Harvey Fleming, R-Marion

Register of Deeds

Lydia Tilley Effler, R-Old Fort

Tonia Rae Hampton, R-Old Fort (incumbent)


County Commissioner

Danny Ray Burleson, R-Spruce Pine

Brian David Honeycutt, R-Spruce Pine

Jacob Warren Willis, R-Spruce Pine

Elizabeth Kay Ellis Pollard, R-Spruce Pine

Kenneth “Ken” Wayne Hollifield, R-Spruce Pine (incumbent)

James Wesley Vaughn, R-Spruce Pine

Register of Deeds

Kathy J. Laws, R-Bakersville (incumbent)


Board of Education, Saluda Township (nonpartisan)

Rhonda M. Corley, D-Saluda (incumbent)

Board of Education, Tryon Township (nonpartisan)

Richard “Rick” Ned Covil, D-Tryon (incumbent)

Board of Education, White Oak Township (nonpartisan)

Kevin Clayton Seay, U-Saluda

Lucinda “Cindy” Tate Allen, U-Mill Spring (incumbent)

County Commissioner

Jake Hunter Johnson, R-Saluda

John Dennis Hill, R-Columbus

Joshua “Josh” David Denton, R-Columbus

Myron Lee Yoder, R-Columbus

Penelope “Penny” Jeanne Padgett, D-Mill Spring

Rhonda Lockhart Lewis, D-Columbus

Russell Adam Mierop, D-Tryon

Tommy Walter Melton, R-Columbus

Registrar of Deeds

Sheila W. Whitmire, R-Mill Spring (incumbent)


County Commissioner, District 2

James Gregory “Greg” Lovelace, R-Bostic (incumbent)

Jody Marc Ledford, D-Forest City

County Commissioner, District 3

Edwin “Eddie” Baxter Holland, D-Henrietta (incumbent)

Jerry Ashley Wease, D-Mooresboro

Register of Deeds

Charles Albert Martell, R-Forest City

Faye Howard Huskey, D-Forest City (incumbent)

Rachel Jackson Thomas, R-Bostic

School Board, at large

Jacqueline “Jackie” Strong Hampton, D-Forest City (incumbent)

Phillip Wake Morrow, R-Forest City

School Board, District 1

Miles Barry Gold, R-Rutherfordton (incumbent)

School Board, District 2

John Mark Bennett, D-Forest City (incumbent)

School Board, District 3

Joey Eugene Brandle, R-Ellenboro

Richard “Ritchie” Samuel Garland, D-Mooresboro (incumbent)


Board of Education

Gerald “Jerry” G. McKinney, D-Bryson City (incumbent)

Lambert G. Wilson, D-Bryson City (incumbent)

James Maurice Biggs, D-Bryson City

Mellie K. Burns,  R-Bryson City (incumbent)

County Commissioner

Boyd Andre Gunter, D-Bryson City

Carolyn Sue Bair, R-Whittier

David Monteith, D-Bryson City (incumbent)

David Ralph Anthony, R-Whittier

Lance Grant II, R-Bryson City

Stephen “Steve” Whitley Moon, D-Bryson City (incumbent)

Wayne Henry Dover, D-Bryson City


County Commissioner

Daniel “Danny” Jerome Hein, R-Brevard

James David Lorenz, R-Brevard

Jason Robert Chappell, R-Brevard (incumbent)

Michael “Mike” Stephen Hawkins, R-Brevard (incumbent)

Page Ives Lemel, R-Brevard (incumbent)

Register of Deeds

Cynthia “Cindy” McCall Ownbey, D-Balsam Grove (incumbent)


County Commissioner, District 1

Diane Warman Blanks, D-Boone

Henry Perry Yates, R-Boone (incumbent)

County Commissioner, District 2

Elizabeth Kingsley Shukis, R-Boone

John Everett Welch, D-Boone (incumbent)

County Commissioner, District 4

David Richard Blust, R-Boone (incumbent)

Larry K. Turnbow, D-Blowing Rock

Board of Education (nonpartisan)

Barbara Lee Kinsey, D-Deep Gap (incumbent)

Brenda Cole Reese, D-Banner Elk (incumbent)

Ronald “Ron” Ivan Henries, R-Deep Gap (incumbent)

Jon Stephen “Steve” Combs, D-Sugar Grove

Register of Deeds

Amy Jones Shook, R-Boone (incumbent)


County Commissioner

Jeff Obrien Whitson, R-Burnsville (incumbent)

James “Jim” Moore Edwards, D-Burnsville

John D. Stallings, D-Burnsville

Kenneth James Winters, D-Spruce Pine

Jerry Mark Ledford, R-Burnsville

Michael Steven Wright, R-Burnsville

Board of Education (nonpartisan)

Andrew Johnston Gall, U-Burnsville

Angela “Angie” Dawn Weatherman, R-Burnsville (incumbent)

Anthony Preston Allen, D-Burnsville

William “Bill” Harrison Whiteside Jr., U-Burnsville (incumbent)

Edwin D. Fortner, R-Burnsville

Erica Griffith Edwards, D-Burnsville

Gerald T. Blalock, R-Burnsville

P. Norbert “Norb” McKinney, U-Burnsville (incumbent)

Walter David “Pete” Peterson, D-Burnsville

Register of Deeds

Rachel Ann Austin, R-Burnsville

John Randall “Randy” Ollis, D-Burnsville

Susan Erline Jobe, D-Burnsville (incumbent)

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