Stickers saying "I Voted" are handed out at polling places to voters in North Carolina. File photo by Colby Rabon / Carolina Public Press

Welcome to The Kicker from Carolina Public Press, a North Carolina news show bringing you conversations with journalists, sources and newsmakers from across the state. In this episode, host Peter Kent is joined by Angie Newsome, executive director of Carolina Public Press and Antionette Kerr and Anna Lynch, with Women AdvaNCe. The organization is an independent nonpartisan educational institute dedicated to improving the lives of North Carolina’s women and families.

Antoinette Kerr, Women AdvaNCe

In this episode, we discuss:

Recorded right after the midterm elections, the program dives into a discussion of the “pink wave” in North Carolina, how successfully political parties support and recruit women candidates for elected office, and opportunities for women to participate in community, policy and politics.

Antoinette Kerr is a Women AdvaNCe Leadership Team member. She is a nonprofit leader, media correspondent, author of Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits, publisher of Bold & Bright Media and lover of all poetry.

Anna Lynch, Women AdvaNCe

Anna Lynch is chair of the N.C. Women’s Summit, held on Nov. 10, in Asheville. She focuses on women’s issues through her writing for the Women AdvaNCe Writer’s Collective and is behind a grassroots project bringing community dialogues on issues that the #MeToo movement spotlighted.

Carolina Public Press was a media sponsor of the summit.

Resources on women voters at — and after — the midterms:

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