COVID-19 in NC, confirmed cases, deaths, hospitalizations, data on race and age.
The image shows how the COVID-19 virus looks under intense magnification. Courtesy of the CDC

The novel coronavirus continues to spread in congregate settings throughout North Carolina, which include nursing homes, residential care facilities, jails, prisons, shelters and migrant farm housing.

Around 51 percent of the state’s population are considered more vulnerable to COVID-19. That includes people over age 65, and those with a wide range of medical conditions, such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, obesity, lung diseases, liver diseases, hypertension and many more, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

People who live in congregate settings tend to have more of these chronic conditions and are also older, and thus more vulnerable to the ravages of COVID-19.

Nearly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carolina Public Press and other members of the North Carolina Watchdog Reporting Network sought information on the number of people infected at nursing homes, residential care homes and other congregate facilities.

Specifically, the news organizations wanted to know which locations had positive cases, and where people had died of COVID-19. The state of North Carolina initially did not release this information to anyone.

In late April, DHHS reversed its stance on identifying nursing homes with outbreaks. Among nursing homes with the largest outbreaks, the news collaboration has discovered a track record of lax practices and disease control protocols.

DHHS defines an outbreak as two or more people with the disease at a facility, which can include staff members.

See below for a searchable database of information that has been publicly released about outbreaks at nursing homes across North Carolina. It will be updated as the state releases updated information.

This database was last updated on March 26, 2021.

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  1. Has the vaccine been given to our seniors as it should been and if not when. is your responsibility to make sure they will be vaccinated.
    Tk you

  2. when a facility say they have coronavirus on record and the staff perhaps comes back coronavirus free and a resident had a false positive testing and no one dies does this information get erased from the facilities record or not? When do you get an update for the records and how long does this process take to relay the information from the facility to the state? Melissa

  3. How often are stats updated? Are they updated monthly or? Are these figures cumulative? if not how can we find total figures?

  4. It seems this data is cumulative? If so from what date? Is there a monthly breakdown or current case/death count? How do you access this info on the DHHS site? I am having trouble with that….

  5. This information is not correct. At least 6 congregate facilities in Rowan County have had deaths of patients. In fact most of the 50 deaths in Rowan County are in these facilities.

  6. I know of some specific outbreaks and deaths early on in the pandemic, and the information was public. Suddenly, that early available information is not included in this new release of info. How could it be possible that old, established info is missing from this?