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From the State of North Carolina Office of Governor Bev Perdue, shared June 20:

RALEIGH – Today, Gov. Bev Perdue, joined by military and elected officials, signed House Bills 262, 514, 515 and Senate Bill 597 to support our troops. These new laws help troops with tuition, voting and health care.

“These steps will ease the burden on military service members and their families,” Perdue said. “We continue to make North Carolina the most military friendly state in the nation. Our men and women in the military represent America’s best, and they deserve the best from us.”

House Bill 262 streamlines the way we talk about our military organizations in our state laws. It is another step in streamlining government.

House Bill 514 streamlines the absentee voting process for military members and civilians who are serving overseas.

House Bill 515 helps pay for text books for our service men and women when they attend state community colleges to retrain for a new job or career.

Senate Bill 597 creates new forms of collaboration between state and local agencies to address the behavioral health needs of our military members, veterans and their families.

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Kathleen O'Nan

Kathleen O'Nan is a contributing reporter to Carolina Public Press.

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