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A picture of Deborah and Terence Smith is seen in the bedroom of Terence Smith in Deborah Smith’s home in Winston-Salem on April 27. Terence Smith has been incarcerated for over two decades of a 51- to 66-year year sentence for his involvement in a nonfatal shooting when he was 17 years old. Photo: Mike Belleme / Carolina Public Press

Welcome to “Behind the Byline,” an online radio show where CPP brings you insightful stories about our investigative journalism. Today, we have an exciting show lined up for you as we dive into the world of criminal justice and the controversial practice of charge stacking. I’m your host, Lindsey Wilson, and with us today is CPP staff investigative journalist, Jacob Biba, who has been working tirelessly to shed light on this critical issue. Our show titled “Behind the Gavel: Unveiling Charge Stacking’s Shadow.” In this episode, Jacob Biba will take us on a journey into the depths of reporting on the justice system, including the practical and ethical considerations of writing about incarcerated people.

Some of the questions we’ll be asking:

  • What does it take to report on the complexities of the criminal justice system?
  • How do we show both sides of a criminal justice system that disproportionately impacts Black communities and other marginalized groups?
  • Is justice being served by the courts of North Carolina?
  • In the first of two episodes detailing the Stacked Against investigation by journalist Jacob Biba, we will break down the process of reporting on the practices of stacking charges and plea bargaining in North Carolina.

Listen live on the show page at 12 p.m. on June 1 and call-in to speak with the host: (563) 999-3752.

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