The Carolina Public Press audience survey extends through the middle of July. Please take a few minutes to help inform what stories we will cover in the following year.

Carolina Public Press is committed to ethical, nonpartisan reporting on real and important issues facing our communities, and serving as a source of civic and civil dialogue on these issues, regardless of political affiliation. 

Investigative and watchdog reporting is critical to a working, vibrant, and active democracy. We invest deeply in journalism that shines a light on the actions, inactions, wrongdoings, and potential corruption of elected officials, government agencies, and corporations in our state, among other issues. We provide a critical function and service to the community by offering “checks and balances” on the power and influence local, regional and statewide government has on the lives of every North Carolina resident.

Some readers wonder: How do news organizations make decisions about what stories to cover? What articles are prioritized over others? 

Carolina Public Press provides comprehensive statewide coverage and aims to make coverage decisions that reflect the interests and concerns of our communities. We know that there are a multitude of statewide news stories we can choose from, and there will always be hard decisions regarding our coverage of North Carolina. That is why we listen to our readers about what issues and stories matter most to them and make coverage decisions based on the feedback we receive. 

One of the ways that we check in with our readers is through our annual audience survey, which is ongoing. This quick, easy survey helps inform the stories that we cover and the information we provide for our readers throughout the year. 

We strive to reach a significant percentage of our readers with the audience survey, which is where you come in. The survey takes less than five minutes to complete, and your responses remain anonymous.

The survey will close in mid-July, so take a few minutes to fill it out today by following this link

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to better understanding the issues that matter most to readers like you. Thank you!


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