Welcome to “Behind the Byline,” where we bring you insightful stories about our investigative journalism. This week, we have another great show lined up for you as we continue our investigation into the world of criminal justice and the controversial practice of charge stacking.

I’m your host, Lindsey Wilson, and with us this week will be CPP staff investigative journalist Jacob Biba, who has already written three parts of this in-depth series, “Stacked Against.” Listen to our show titled “Behind the Gavel: The Hidden Toll of Incarceration” airing Friday, July 7, at noon. In this episode, Jacob Biba will talk about the impact that the criminal justice system has on incarcerated people who experienced charge or sentence stacking, as well as the families and children they left behind.

This week we are asking:

  • What is the cost of lengthy prison terms on individuals in the carceral system and their families on the outside? 
  • What are the social implications of the criminal justice system on the children of those in incarceration?
  • How do families and incarcerated people reckon with loss due to the carceral system?

In the second of three episodes detailing the “Stacked Against” investigation by journalist Jacob Biba, we will break down the process of reporting on the families impacted by the process of stacking charges and sentences in North Carolina.

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