In addition to our regular daily news reporting, Carolina Public Press conducts many ongoing, in-depth projects that investigate some of the most complex and pressing issues in North Carolina.


Justice elusive for NC sexual assault survivors

Analysis of 4 ½ years of North Carolina court data shows that about 1 in 4 sexual assault defendants who were charged and had their cases resolved in that time window were convicted of either sexual assault or a reduced and related charge. Of those cases in that time period, 50 defendants went to trial; 23 were found guilty. But individual counties had different outcomes. More than 30 of the state’s 100 counties had no sexual assault or reduced-charge convictions at all. A few were well above the statewide level.


Grappling with food insecurity in North Carolina

The Faces of Hunger project is a yearlong journalism and community dialogue initiative from Carolina Public Press that focuses on issues of hunger and food insecurity in rural North Carolina. Through in-depth multimedia reporting, resource sharing and free community events, Carolina Public Press will spotlight the issues and systems contributing to hunger and food hardship, which impact an estimated 1.5 million North Carolinians.